The butter gets fresh from the dairy directly to the consumer. No change of the products natural form or its natural taste.

The ideal solution for large consumers as: hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, homes for the aged, ships, shipping companies, airports and service stations, youth hostels, army

Varia 2


Varia EL

Varia 2

  • infinite weight setting 10 to 30g
  • capacity 1,5 kg
  • rugged model, stainless steel butter container
  • easy to operate
  • dimensions: length 58 cm, width 35 cm, height 38 cm
  • weight 30kg
  • output 50 kg per hour, approx. 100 portions per minute


Our butter portioning machines enable you to cut costs by buying butter in bulk. The cost savings compared to packaged portion packs are between 1.20 € and 2.50 € per kilo, depending on the customer.

This means the machine will amortize itself after having processed 2,000 kg of butter in the worst case. The best case only needs 1,000 kg. Further costs are saved due to less packaging waste.



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